Published On: November 11, 2020

Is now a good time to be asking for donations? That depends a little on where you are in your donor cycle and how you have treated your donors since they last gave.

It’s been a tough year, for everyone. But Christmas is a time for giving and loyal donors in particular are used to being generous at this time of year. So, can you approach your donors for a donation?

First, consider whether you have properly acknowledged their last donation. Was it receipted and did you thank them in a timely manner? Did you use their donation for the purpose it was intended? Did you let them know how the money was used and the impact it had?

It is so important to make donors feel valued, no matter the size of their gift. You want them emotionally invested in your organisation so you need to make sure they feel like they have a role. Take them along on the journey, report back and share your successes.

If you have stayed in touch, have maintained the relationship, and have not been silent during these past few difficult months, then yes… reach out. Wish them well, and let them know you’ve been thinking of them and that you hope they have been thinking of you too. Tell them of your plans, why you need their support, and begin your donor cycle again!

Good luck!